Ross Sackett's amateur telescope making
Other projects
Here's a brass and mahogany solar
system demonstration I made as a gift  
I would like to make a clockwork Orrery
A sofa adapted from a Stickley design, in southern
yellow pine with leather cushions.  I've made a lot of
the furniture in my house, using mostly southern
pine.  Maybe it's a
terroir thing living here in
Memphis, but it seems to suit the place
.  The coffee
table is a milking bench based on an original
owned by my aunt.
82"W X 34"D X 29.5" H; front rail 12.5"H
Click on photo above for more pictures
This dry sink is based on a colonial original
owned by a friend.  Mostly in white pine.
Matching credenza and hall table in Spanish Colonial style.  The legs
and details are hand carved.  In southern yellow pine.  I'd love to do a
whole office suite in this style sometime.
I love giving picture frames and mirrors as gifts, usually made in the Arts and Craft
style.  These are in mahogany (left and right) and southern yellow pine.
The house already had several nice two-radius arches when Ruthbeth
and I moved in.  I have built several more, including this pass-through
from kitchen to dining room.  It is amazing how this opens things up, just
like a window does in an exterior wall.  I learned some plasterwork on this