Ross Sackett's amateur telescope making
Ross Sackett's amateur telescope making
"A Single-Strut Wonderscope"
Link to an article in Sky&Telescope by Gary Seronik on the Moonsilver series.

"An Unconventional Tripod"
My letter in Sky&Telescope describing a binocular steadyrest fabricated from a
drywall sander

The Moonsilver Series
My extensive notes for Gary's article.

Wood Or Metal?
Which material should you use where?

Laying out octagons
We use lots of octagons in scopes...

How Much Should Ultralight Dobsonians Weigh?
Weights for different apertures and styles of Dobsonian scopes

Scaling Single-Pole Telescopes
Some considerations for Moonsilver-style scopes

What Happened at Wells Creek, TN?
A webarticle I wrote for a fieldtrip to the Wells Creek Impact Structure near
Cumberland, TN

From Thunderstones To Comet Dust: Leonids 2006
The script for a talk I gave in Springfield, VT

Dobsonian Evolution: From Circus Cannon to Ultralight
The script for a talk I gave to the Memphis Astronomical Society

Eyeball engineering rules of thumb
Some of the principles I often use when I design telescopes

How large a telescope should I build?
Forget aperture fever: why everyone needs an 8" f/6

Moonsilver V flyer for RTMC 2010

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